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Unable To Recover From Competition


Upset Stomach When Stress Escalates


Hard Time Knowing What To Eat


Hard Time On The Road With Away Matches


Upset When Eats Certain Foods


Gluten Sensitive And Diet Is Already Limited

If some or all of these are present for your athlete, it is time to provide stability in their dietary regime. It is hard to stay on track gut wise. For only a select few of your teammates, Health Coach Tonya Stotler is here to help your athlete reach their physical potential through consistent nutritional guidance. It is critical to give the athlete not only success in high school but beyond into higher education. All too often we find athletes get off to college and have not established competitive dietary habits to continue their performance success.

What Your Athlete Will Get?

  1. Four one-on-one calls over the duration of the program
  2. weekly nutritional emails and check ins
  3. access to a fitness app with health coach feed back
  4. access via email or text to health coach  to assist with nutrition questions and issues

To start your initial process of nutritional evaluation, please click here to fill out the Competitive Athletic Nutritional Survey. This is an interactive form.  Once you click on the form you must download it to your computer and open in Acrobat to make the form interactive.


How To Fill-out This Form:

Please watch video to help you understand how to fill-out this online form.

Watch our video tutorial

All forms have to be opened using Adobe Acrobat for the calculations to work properly. If you do not have Acrobat software please download here.

Please save your form with your First Initial and Last Name e.g. SClark Volleyball Survey and the name of the form (Volleyball Survey).  Email this back to Dr. Susan with your answers via  She’ll contact you to set up a complementary initial nutritional consult.


BHC SealRRCA logo 1Currently I am an RRCA Certified Coach and I am a Certified Health Coach. For athletes who want to take care of their bodies in and out of the playing field, let me know how I can help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Having an expert perspective into what works for you during and after a game can spell a difference for your team. To contact call or text mobile number 571-246-2501 or send me an email Find out more about Tonya’s Professional Fee, please click here.

Welcome to my Page!
I’m Tonya Stotler and I would like to welcome you to Tonya’s Corner. In here I will tell you about my passion for all things in sports and nutrition. And nothing excites me more than helping others achieve their fitness and health goals in whatever game they choose to play in high school or college. My goal is to bring out the buried champion within. I have a long history with fitness that started during high school, where I participated in multiple sports and then it just snowballed until in college where I played basketball. Today, I have 26 marathons under my belt. Along with countless other races, including the JFK 50 miler for example.