Our Services

Back In Action Chiropractic (BAC) blends Chiropractic, Active Release Technique® (ART), and Rehabilitation to effectively help you perform optimally. These three techniques complement each other to give the patient a complete healing experience. Here is how it works: If you have a dysfunctional joint, it causes a decrease in the activity of the muscles surrounding that joint, which in turn causes scar tissue of that structure which renders that area of the body unstable.

Chiropractic treats the dysfunctional joint while ART treats the scar tissue. This is the MOBILITY component. The spine is one synchronizing unit. When a patient presents with pain in their spine or joints typically there are two things happening; one, there is too much motion in one area and two, not enough motion somewhere else…ultimately there is a compensation.

Rehabilitation or what seems to be called “Retraining” of your brain is the stability component that needs to be ruled out.  Oftentimes due to the human body compensating due to lack of mobility, the body creates poor human patterns.  We now know clinically that muscles do not hold memory…it is the brain.  In order to prevent injury the brain has to be trained.  Are you that patient who goes to physical therapy for x number of weeks go back to your sport or activities of daily living and symptoms creep back? Addressing this STABILITY link…Segmental Functional Movement Assessment helps to close the loop on re-injury.

One therapy is not as effective without the others. Please see the diagram to the right for an overview of this concept.

Using the knowledge of bio-mechanics of the spine and extremities, BAC incorporates balance, stability, and activity/sport specific training to accomplish our purpose.

We strive to help you do the activities better than you were able to do before the start of treatment.