How Do I Accomplish a Purification?plant


Why Should You Consider Purification

Purification is a term meaning “to purify or cleanse the body.” Often we ask patients if they change the oil filter in their cars to make the car run at its best so why would they not do the same for their own bodies?! Your body collects ‘junk.’ This junk comes from the food you eat, the water you drink, and even the air you breathe. It includes pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, pollution, preservatives, and more. Also, our bodies’ biological processes create waste products such as ammonia and carbon dioxide. These and other poisons are created by the inner workings of each and every microscopic cell in your body. The liver, often referred to as the “master organ,” the lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, intestines, blood and skin all play a part in filtering these toxins from your body. When overloaded, your body becomes inefficient. Just like the filter in your home’s furnace, your body has filters that collect toxins. If these toxins are not eliminated, your well-being is compromised. If you have experienced weight gain, fatigue or tiredness, poor digestion, difficulty sleeping, food cravings, mental fog, moodiness, or a low libido, then you could benefit from a purification program.


What Is Purification not?

Purification is not a fad diet. The #1 goal of purification is to help your body purify and rebuild itself naturally, from the inside out. It also helps to provide support to all of your organ systems that play a part in the daily natural purification process within your body.


Do I Need To Purify?

This is not a question with a simple answer, Please take the Toxic Exposure Questionnaire, which is an initial starting point to considering a purification program.