With the new changes in Health-care, we are finding that deductibles are higher than ever and the benefits are significantly less.  Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear a patient say, “My deductible is very high and it is highly unlikely that I will reach it.”  How do we keep patients on the wellness track and keep on track of their clinical progress, especially when it comes to blood work panels? The solution is www.professionalco-op.com


How it works:the physician (in this case Dr. Susan Clark) orders the lab work that you need done. You then receive a panel which would have cost, in some cases, 80% more if you pursued the traditional routes of obtaining annual blood work through LabCorp or Quest.  You can still go to a Labcorp site to get the blood drawn, but the results are real-time to Professional Co-op.
“You can learn a lot from a patient’s blood work and in most cases catch dis-ease states early.” –Dr. Susan Clark